International Graphic Design Studio and my Personal Portfolio “If you grow, I grow”

Strange Bright Design Studio

Strange Bright is an International Product and Graphic Design Studio founded in Vilnius in January 2017. Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! The history: Strange Bright was born in the exploration of a creative and enterprising woman. My designs stand out for their functionality and good visual communication. Design must serve and favor people, generating memorable brands that last over time. The philosophy: Her work philosophy is based on a minimalist style. That is to say, it puts quality before quantity, in a clean, elegant and also beautiful way. "We like to treat our clients well and with respect, listen to their opinions and give value to their own ideas and creativity, because they know their companies better than anyone." - Marie.

Marie Cediel

Marie Cediel | Graphic Designer and UX/UI Higher Degree in Graphic Design and Editorial Production, UX/UI Design. She has more than 7 years of work experience in Graphic Arts and 1 year of experience in the gaming industry as a UX/UI designer. She is characterized by being versatile and multidisciplinary and her ability to empathize to create products that create a high level of efficiency and comfort.

Marie Cediel